"Kiran Consulting Group has helped leading companies since 1990 improve their customer experience by analyzing and improving the flow of people and vehicles throughout the service points in their organizations."


People Logistics

From the moment your customers arrive at your place of business, the 'customer satisfaction meter' is running. The parking, the lines and the time it takes to receive services--they all impact customer experience. Changing one factor can have unintended consequences on another. They all need to be defined, measured and controlled.

Kiran Consulting Group helps their clients anticipate bottlenecks and inefficiencies wherever and whenever they occur. We recommend and implement proactive solutions that have measurable impact on customer satisfaction. 


Visitor Flow

Since 1990, KIRAN has helped leading companies improve customer experience with visitor flow analysis and modeling. Visitor Flow Analysis and Modeling changes the way your customers experience your business, adding value to your business life cycle.

At KCG, we are dedicated to implementing solutions that address the following issues: Visitor Experience & Customer Satisfaction, Wait Time Improvement, Optimizing Parking Utilization, Capacity Planning, Demand (Arrival) Forecasting, Planning and Management, Staffing Requirements Forecasting, Determining Optimal Operating Hours




Operational Excellence

Over the years, KIRAN has developed many of its own proprietary tools and techniques to address the above issues. These tools are based on time tested Industrial Engineering and Operations Research tools and techniques such as linear and non-linear programming, advanced statistical modeling, queuing, and simulation modeling. 

Kiran Consulting Group focuses on its client's highest priorities. We apply more than 20 years of operations research to help our clients eliminate obstacles to delivering better customer experience, remove barriers to revenue opportunities, and drive efficiency in all aspects of their operations.